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2016 Keys to Success Recipients

Recently we had our annual banquet with our theme, "KEYS TO COMPASSION".  During the banquet we shared different KEYS that have made Somebody Cares Tampa Bay successful such as UNITY, COMPASSION, SERVICE, and EVANGELISM.  One of our core values is:  We can do more together than we can apart!  As we concluded the banquet, we shared that the biggest key to our success is YOU…each person working side by side together to meet the needs of the Tampa Bay community.  As our way of appreciating our partners, we will be giving the KEY OF SUCCESS to them, a silver key to remind them that they are the KEY to our success to reach those in need.  We appreciate those who have partnered with us financially, donated resources, volunteered for events, and prayed for Somebody Cares.  Each partner helps to make us successful as we reach and minister to Tampa Bay.




Ron May is CEO of The May Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo.  He and his wife, Vicki, live in Trinity, FL   The Mays have a heart for outreach and have partnered with SCTB many times, especially to assist in CareFest.  Last year Ron's office took on a CareFest project and served a local veteran. 


Jim & Barbara Bourland have a love for people and imparting into lives.  The Bourland's kick started the CareFest Program in their home church where now many individuals are involved in reaching out and touching lives through this program.  Jim is presently serving on the board of SCTB.


Dr. Greg & Robin Dokka help serve the needs of the community by financially giving to SCTB.  Through their monthly giving, we are able to continue our ongoing programs.  The Dokkas, especially help us during the holidays by doing a food drive in their chiropractic office to bless the hungry we assist during our Caretagious Christmas Outreach.  


Joann Kent has served faithful with her husband, Harold, for many years with Glicom International.  Having established this radio evangelistic ministry, they have seen thousand come to the Lord.  Harold has gone on to be with the Lord, but Joann still stays busy.  She has a heart for ministry and has blessed Somebody Cares financially as well as encouraging us with prayers.  We are blessed to call her our friend!


Steve Roasch, CEO of Jani-King has a passion for ministry and making Christ known.  Steve has blessed SCTB financially to help our ongoing programs continue strong.  He is planning to get his employees involved in CareFest to make a difference in someone's life.  Thank you Steve for having a heart for evangelism.

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