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We believe in partnering for success, and that we are providing your company with a valuable service. We provide an easy and en-joyable experience for your company and employees. We plan and equip your company with the tools necessary to bless a homeowner. We also promote your company as a caring business within the community.

The cost includes: The supplies of the project and a donation to Somebody Cares Tampa Bay.


For our company, it was a powerful bonding event. A diverse mix of folks from many levels of our company volunteered to work together with the common goal of helping needy people in our community. When manage-ment and people from all levels of the company worked side by side, hammering, digging, lifting, and mixing sweat for such a worthy cause, we felt a meaningful and rarely experienced way to connect. Together as a team we experienced the internal rewards of living our Christ's call to love and help our neighbor. I would encourage CEO's to embrace this as an effective and non-threatening way to lift up compassion as an appreciated workplace value

Ron Altman
President Singleton Fisheries

Care Projects:

Somebody Cares Tampa Bay aims to develop a contagious culture of caring within companies and organizations. One way we do that is by completing Care Projects. Care projects are homes of elderly, disabled, or single moms that are in violation of city code or have a need. We put together a care plan for each company and organization. The company then is able to meet the needs of the homeowner in a one day service event. When caring becomes contagious, the company is Caretagious.

What do we do?

"Approximately 6,000 volunteers and over 150 partners are involved on an annual basis."

  • Identify and qualify the need.
  • Obtain the homeowners release form.
  • Evaluate the project determining number of volunteers, materials, and any special skill sets needed.
  • Provide liability release forms for all volun-teers.
  • Purchase the materials at a discounted non-taxable rate.
  • Supply water, drinks, snacks, and lunch by a local restaurant.
  • Post Signage on the property showing—CAUTION… CARING IN PROGRESS This Care project by (COMPANY NAME)
  • Provide ways to adopt and care for the homeowner/family if desired.


  • Fun team building experience.
  • Culture of caring developed within your company or organization.
  • Build moral within the workplace.
  • Develop good will within the community.
  • Be promoted on our websites as a Careta-gious Company.
  • Be featured in our email blast with your company information and picture of your team serving as one of our Caretagious companies for the month.
  • Photos for each team member and the company.
  • Receive recognition at our Annual Banquet as a Caretagious company.
  • Eligible to be recognized as our Careta-gious Company of the Year.

Caretagious Companies:

2015 - Wells Fargo , Duke Energy, Pinellas County Sheriffs, Sam's Club, Bank of America, Tampa Bay Adventures, Plant City Rotary Club, Southern Pride Builders, Rockwell Building Systems, Catalent Pharma Solutions, Boley Centers, Inc, Care Cone

2016 - Wells Fargo, Duke Energy, Pinellas County Sheriffs, Bank of America, SiteOne Landscape Supply, Sunstar Paramedics, Allendale Crime Watch, Rotary Clubs of St. Petersburg and Gulf Beaches, Bee Well Lifestyle Movement, Oneblood, St. Pete Fitness, Home Depot, Keep Pinellas Beautiful, Lowe's 



Contact Information

Phone: 727-536-2273
Somebody Cares Tampa Bay Inc.
P.O. Box 4486
Clearwater, FL 33758


In May 2015, Wells Fargo Advisors of Trinity adopted a home in New Port Richey. A team of 18 volunteers came together and painted a veterans home. Sanford, the homeowner, is 77 years old and is disabled with health issues. They went above and beyond the task of painting and also purchased the materials to paint his patio and sidewalk. They also included yard trim and rocks to beautify his flower beds and completed the makeover with hanging a USA flag on the side of the house in honor of his service. Wells Fargo also presented Somebody Cares Tampa Bay with a check in an effort to continue helping other homeowners in need. Way to go Wells Fargo Advisors of Trinity!! Thanks for being a "Caretagious" Business!

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