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September 2016                               CareFest 2016 - New Theme "Party Ready" Served over 230 local and needy homeowners with minor home repairs. CareFest becomes now a year around service and not just a one day of the year event. 

August 2016                                     Hired new Executive Director Tim Marshick to run the ministry.

May - August 2016                           BTS servicing  13,000 backpacks with supplies through local and national groups.

April 2016                                         Celebrating 20 years of service at Annual Gala. Theme was "Keys to Success" Former Imperials singer Bonnie and Armond Morales  were our invited guest and speaker.

January 2016                                    Seek God for the City with 40 days of prayers.

December 2015                                 Serviced past CareFest recipients and needy families for Christmas and shared the Gospel.

September 2015                               CareFest served over 250 projects in the Greater Tampa Bay area. Celebration was held at Lowrey Park in Tampa and had our first Celebration in the city of Dunedin.  

June- August 2015                          BTS Servicing 16,000 kids with backpacks. Pastnered with the Clearwater Marine  Aquarium and Tampa Bay Storm to do 2 outreaches where over 500 backpacks were donated to needy children.

April 2015                                         Somebody Cares Tampa Bay Fundraising Gala - Titled: Unto the Least of These - with invited speaker President of Pinnacle Forum and  now CEO of PureFlix, Steve Fedyski

January 2015                                    Seek God for the City - Organized pastors and ministry leaders to go to WTIS to pray prayers over the 40 days of prayer.

December 2014                                Caretagious Christmas - Helped provide Christmas to troubled teens partnering with JFJ. Also provided over 60 families with gifts  and food for the holidays.

September 2014                               CareFest 2014 - over 300 home projects completed with close to 4,000 volunteers on CareFest Day.

June - August 2014                          Back to School reaching 16,000 needy children through over 100 local/national organizations.

April 2014                                         Fundraising Gala - This Means War - with invited speaker Chad Williams, former Navey Seal

January 2014                                   Starting the year out in prayer with Seek God for the City prayer booklets. Moblizing churches to pray.

December 2013                               Caretagious Christmas - Ministering to over 100 families with gifts and food. As gifts are delivered the gospel is shared.

September 2013                             CareFest completed over 300 projects with 4,000 volunteers. The theme "Be Caretagious" is emplemented year round.

June - Aug 2013                             Back to School continues to be a successful program to give backpacks to needy individuals who attended Faith and Family   Night held at the St. Pete Times Forum

May 2013 Somebody Cares Tampa Bay's Assistant Executive Director -Tim Bonzelaar and CareFest Coordinator - Leida Cadiz with Pastor Chris Cahall of St. Pete Vineyard Church presented the Winner's 2013 CARE CUP trophy to Mayor Bill Foster, Council members, and Susan Ajoc Community Services Director for the thousands of volunteers completing the most projects helping the needy in the City of St. Petersburg, Florida. A special thanks to Nikki Emerson Director of Administration of SCTB for her extraordinary coordination! Proving again how we can all do more together than we can apart!
December 2012 Somebody Cares Tampa Bay chosen as the Best of Clearwater 2012 non profit organization. We are honored and look forward to serving the community in practical ways in 2013 and beyond.
December 2010 Caretagious Christmas was quite the success as we  were able to serve 42 families (106 children) by providing them with Christmas gifts, food, Bibles, prayer and an opportunity to accept the gift of Jesus.
December 2010 15th Anniversary Fundraising Gala â€" Soaring to Greater Heights- was held with several hundred in attendance.  Celebration of what has been accomplished and casting a vision of what we want to accomplish took place.  Speaker was Paul Ridgeway, with music by Don Pope and Victoria Garcia.
October 2010 Somebody Cares Summit held at Abundant Life.  Leaders came together to share what has been accomplished in their respected areas.  Networking took place as well as many were encouraged with the reports. 
October 2010 Launched Somebody Cares Hernando.
September 2010 CareFest completed 283 projects with over 4,000 volunteers.  St. Petersburg won the city with the most volunteers with Calvary Baptist winning for the church with the most volunteers.  The theme continued with the "Bee Caretagious" idea continuing the program year round to meet more needs.
August 2010 Raise the Roof was held at the Tampa Convention Center with Nicole C. Mullen, Jimmy Needham and SuperChick.  There were 2,500 in attendance.  Several hundred were sponsored to this event and received backpacks for school too.
June - August 2010 Back to School helped over 30,000 individuals with backpacks and worked with over 100 organizations to make back to school events successful.
March 2010 We Care Family Fun Day at the University Mall.  We turned a store into games, music, and fun space with outside activities and food as well.  Several hundred came out and enjoyed the day.
December 2009 Helped families with gifts for Christmas for their children. 
September 2009 The theme for CareFest was "Bee Caretagious" again. The Caretagious logo is registered trademark and becomes an ongoing yearly program reaching out and helping those in need.
June - August 2009 Back to School continues to be a successful program to get backpacks and supplies to needy individuals. 
January 2009 Supper Bowl bowling event held at Splitsville in Tampa to raise monies for local charities.
October 2008 9th Annual Compassion Banquet sponsored by Alpha Omega Title.  We partnered with Christian Legacy Foundation and distributed 5 awards of $2,500 to deserving ministries.  The banquet was an annual event until economic times made it impossible to continue.
October 2008 Raise the Roof was held in St. Petersburg in partnership with Seven by Seven, a group of pastors, in St. Petersburg.  Kirk Franklin, The Afters, and Da-T.R.U.T.H. were the musical acts with Melvin Adams sharing the gospel presentation.
September 2008 CareFest theme was Bee Caretagious.  Twenty-three cities were involved in the day and many groups are taking ownership of the idea and doing CareFest throughout the year.
June - August 2008 Back to School continues to touch lives through the backpacks and supplies.
December 2007 Helped families with Christmas gifts for their children.
October 2007  Raise the Roof was held at Coachman Park with the Newsboys/Go Tour, featuring Newsboys, Kutless and new World Son.  There were 5,000 in attendance.
September 2007 "Shine the Light" was the theme for this year's CareFest.  CareFest has grown to the point that we have made it year round to meet ongoing needs.  We continue to grow with other Somebody Cares chapters, such as St. Augustine doing the program and being successful.
June - August 2007 Back to School Program continues to ministers to many helping those in need with school needs.  Over 30,000 backpacks were distributed through the program.
March 2007 Luis Palau Festival â€" SCTB held the food drive, donated backpacks to pre-event outreach to Hispanic community in Wimauma.  Organized the eye and hearing examinations where people received free glasses and hearing aids.
January 2007 Supper Bowl bowling event was held at Splitsville in Tampa to raise monies for local charities and Somebody Cares.  Additional monies were also raised through an auction.
December 2006 Helped families with gifts at Christmas.  Digital Lightbridge and other volunteers helped with the purchasing and wrapping of the gifts.
October 2006 8th Annual Compassion Banquet held.  Award winners were:  Center of Hope; Mission Tampa; Morning Star Fishermen; Love a Child and Solid Rock.  The banquet is a way of thanking outreach ministries for the great ongoing job they do in the community.
October 2006 Somebody Cares Prayer line begins.  We launch a 24 hour prayer and crises helpline.  Linda and Dave Morrison brought the prayer line to us and SCTB launched it among its base.  The prayer line has expanded to receiving calls throughout the country.  It has ministered to thousands since its conception. The prayer line continues through JoyFM and Meet the Need organizations.
October 2006 Raise the Roof was held at Coachman Park with Luis Palau speaking and Skillet and Casting Crown as our musical acts. We had 8,500 in attendance and 300 came to Christ.
September 2006 Carefest was expanded to 11 communities with the theme being "Love Works"
August 1006 Bought freezer truck for food program needs.
June - August 2006 Back to School Program continues to grow doing 45,000 backpacks with supplies, helping organizations and churches in the Tampa Bay area, statewide and reaching to other states.  Through our program we try to help others to establish outreaches or give ideas how to do back to school outreaches more effectively.
 March 2006  Our 3rd Annual Golf Tournament was held at Nine eagles Golf Club.  We had  176 golfers and raised  $50,000.

January - December 2006

Year long Neighborhood Transformation Program formed with 12 different organizations in Sulphur Springs area to impact that community.  $250,000 was given through SCTB through a grant for mentoring, parenting classes, after school programs, GED, etc. A big "Christmas in the Springs" with music, food, and gifts concluded the program in December.
January 2006 Our 8th Annual Compassion Banquet was held at the Hilton. We enjoyed the evening with our guest speaker, Doug Stringer. Music and drama was presented by the Woodlawn youth group. Worship was led by Wesley Morris. The theme for the evening was "Light your Light".
December 2005 Holiday of Hope we took 111 people, half of these evacuees from the hurricanes, taken on a shopping spree to Wal-Mart. Each family member was given $100-$200 to spend. Volunteers wrapped gifts as they were purchased. They also attended the movie, "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe." Daniel Bernard shared the gospel and 11 people indicated they received Christa that day.
October 2005 During CareFest, throughout the greater Tampa Bay area, we were able to complete 140 projects with 2,500 volunteers. There was great need due to the hurricanes that hit our state in a short time frame. We provided over 1 million of goods and services. Projects from a dental mission that served over 250 people to a food distribution that gave away 30,000 lbs. of groceries.
August â€" September

Disaster Relief aid was given out to those hit by the four hurricanes that hit our state. Through Operation Blessing, we were mobilized to administer 2 million dollars of grants to organizations providing relief to the victims of these storms.  Operation Fresh Start was started to help hurricane hit families relocate to this area. We assisted those affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita to relocate to this area. Twenty six family units did so, some temporarily and a few permanently. Hurricane Wilma hit the shores of Florida. We supplied $300,000 of grants to churches serving in relief.

August 2005 Raise the Roof had over 9,000 attend at Tropicana Field. Barlow Girl and Stephen Curtis Chapman were our guest artist. Daniel Bernard shared a message called "Dead Man Walking" where hundreds responded.
June â€" August 2005 The 'Hassle Free' Back to School Program in collaboration with other organizations and businesses were able to distribute 33,000 backpacks. Four major outreach events were organized through Somebody Cares.
March 2005 3rd Annual Great Clips Golf Tournament

Our golf tournament was held at Chevel Golf Course with 119 golfers playing. Approximately $35,000 was raised for our organization. Special catering was provided by Chick-fil-A and Carrabaas.

January 2005 Celebration of 2 Kings

Twenty five churches came together and passed out 10,000 Kit Kat Bars with a card that read, "Celebration of 2 Kings where the Dream becomes a reality." Dr. King's vision was for unity among races. Through the King of Kings, Jesus Christ, that is made possible. Over 1,000 passed through a ministry tent filled with music and preaching. All attendees were fed and given a bag of groceries. Twelve indicated they received Christ. Thirty seven others rededicated their lives. Many more asked for guidance and to find a church home.

December 2004 Holiday of Hope

The Holiday of Hope project centered on The Tampa Street School and the kids that attended the school. The kids were high risk kids that needed encouragement and love in a practical way. We started the day by taking them shopping at K-Mart followed by a wrapping party. Each individual was given enough money to shop for their whole family.

October 1, 2004 The 7th Annual Banquet for Compassion Ministries was held at the Harborview Center, downtown Clearwater, Florida. Deborah Evans, WTBN radio talk show host, emceed the event. Special music was provided by Darlene Greenley, CTN-Channel 22; Victoria Garcia â€" harpist and worship by Jerry Brandt, Action Evangelism. Greg Jones gave an overview of CareFest and a drama was performed by Club 317, youth group of the Woodlawn Church of God. Our very special guest speaker was Bishop Bart Pierce, Rock City Church, Maryland.
September 11- 18th 2004 During CareFest over 70 projects were completed throughout 4 cities, utilizing over 800 volunteers. Brandon, Clearwater, Tampa and St. Petersburg all competed for the Care Cup. St. Petersburg will retain the cup in the City Hall display case for yet another year. Many more businesses and city personnel were involved this year despite the weather complications.
August 21, 2004 The 6th Annual Raise the Roof event sponsored over 1400 children (842 Hillsborough County, 558 Pinellas County). Artists included: UrbanD, Building 429, Nicole C. Mullen and a special life changing artistic message presented by Shaun Hays. The ball players: Eric Chavez, Chris Hammond (Oakland A's) and Tom Foley, coach of Tampa Bay Rays, gave powerful life changing testimonies. Attendance totaled 4700.
June - August 2004 The 'Hassle Free' Back to School Program in collaboration with over 150 organizations and business we were able to distribute over 20,000 backpacks, most filled with supplies, to needy children throughout the state of Florida. Approximately 9,800 were distributed in Hillsborough County and 7,000 in Pinellas County. The major events at Knology Field, Legend's Field, Largo Mall, Suncoast Ford and Riverview were a big success. As well as the fun and games, children not only received backpacks but groceries, hair cuts, health screenings, mentoring, ID printing by the local Sheriff Departments, and more.
May, 2004 The first Phoenix Life Skills Empowerment training class. The program provides a support system of caring individuals willing to encourage graduates in making positive life-choices; coaching them throughout the 16 week program and as they enter the workforce. Seven clients successfully completed the training and continue in the program for 15 more weeks. A mentor is assigned to each client that will keep him/ her encouraged and offer advice upon request.
March 26, 2004 The 2nd annual 747 Charity Golf Event was held at Cheval Golf and Country club. Approximately 100 golfers participated and again over 50 businesses made donations. Special catering was provided by Chick-fil-A for breakfast and Carrabba's for lunch.
March 6, 2004 Our second annual, Powered Up event, at the St. Pete Times Forum. Our artists included: Out of Eden, George Rowe, Soldiers on a Mission. Special guest speaker was Melvin Adams, comedian and former Harlem Globetrotter. Attendees to this event were privileged to see a Harlem Globetrotter game and a Tampa Bay Storm game.
February 5-7, 2004 The first, City Impact Conference was held at Suncoast Cathedral, St. Petersburg. Special guest speakers included: Steve Sjogren, pastor of 7,000 member Cincinnati Vineyard; Steve Hawthorne, Director of Waymakers; Bishop Bart Pierce, Pastor of Rock City Church in Baltimore and co-founder of Global Compassion Network; Jodie Nelson, National Director of Operation Blessing; Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin, pastor of Potters House Christian Fellowship, Jacksonville, FL; Dr. Terry Teykl, President of Renewal Ministries and founding pastor of Aldersgate UMC in College Station Texas and Doug Stringer, Founder of Somebody Cares America and Daniel Bernard, Founder and President of Somebody Cares Tampa Bay. This conference is designed to promote how each component of the community can work together to impact our communities. There were over 50 workshops varying in content from Parent-child interaction to 'refiring' the retired.
November 30 - December 24, 2003 Holiday of Hope program brought once again brought together the community to reach the needy families and children of Tampa Bay. Over 35 ministries and businesses collaborated at the University Mall to bring a special Christmas to over 600 families throughout the bay area. Families were given gifts, food, clothing, Christmas trees and spiritual encouragement.
October 4, 2003 6th Annual Appreciation Compassion Banquet sponsored by St. Luke's Cataract & Laser Institute. Special music was performed by Kayla Powell. Over 75 ministries were blessed with gifts and messages of encouragement. Worship music by River of Grace. 11 Awards were presented which included a lifetime achievement award for Dr. James P. Gills, St. Luke's Cataract & Laser Institute.
September 20-27, 2003 3rd Annual CareFest 2003, local Mayors signed proclamations declaring it to be "A Week of Caring." 60,000 Care Bags were distributed containing groceries and household necessity items to impoverished neighborhoods throughout the bay area. On Saturday, September 27th, hundreds of volunteers came together at 18th Avenue Park, Tampa, and Lakeview Park, St. Petersburg, to participate in "Serve your Community Day." Over 45 projects completed included painting houses, building handicapped ramps, planting over 300 trees and flowers, clearing out weeds, etc. It was concluded with a bar-b-que for the volunteers. A special Care Cup Challenge is issued each year. St. Petersburg took the bragging rights from Tampa with over 450 volunteers.
The event was covered by Michelle Bearden of Channel 8 news and the Tampa Tribune.
We had over 25 major businesses help sponsor this event. The business and school bringing out the most volunteers were Dallas 1 Construction and Calvary Christian School, respectively.
September 20, 2003 CareFest Kickoff in Brandon led by Lighthouse Gospel Mission was held at Palm River Point. Hundreds of poor families received 30,000 lbs of food, clothing and a hot meal that day. There was music and games for everyone.
August 23, 2003 5th Annual Raise the Roof Concert Event sponsored over 1,350 underprivileged children. Performances by Anberlin, Chris Tomlin, Out of Eden and PlusONE with special guest MC â€" Ben Cerullo from INSP's Steel Roots. Tampa Bay Devil Rays players Tom Foley and Terry Shubert shared motivational, inspirational messages. The concert was followed by a Rays vs. Indians game. Each attendee received a CD donated by Tampa Christian Supply. Our Title Sponsor was Inspiration Networks.
June â€" August 2003 'Hassle Free' Back to School Program over 15,000 backpacks filled with supplies to the 5 county Greater Tampa Bay areas. Four Back to School Festival Extravaganzas: Legend's Tampa Yankees Field, Dunedin Blue Jays Field, Largo Mall and Suncoast Ford, Hudson, FL.; over 7,000 attendees, and 4,000 backpacks distributed. Festivities included appearances by pro ball players, free food, games, dramas, music and services such as health screenings, hair cuts and children fingerprinting.
May 26, 2003 First Annual 747 Charity Golf Event at Northdale Golf & Country Club. Over 120 people participated. Gifts and auction items were donated by over 50 businesses.
March 8, 2003 Powered Up! concert held at St. Pete Times Forum, Tampa featuring Avalon. Special testimonies were given by Tampa Bay Bucs Super Bowl Champs Sheldon Quarles and Roman Oben, followed by a Tampa Bay Storm arena football game.
October 5, 2002 5th Annual Appreciation Compassion Banquet sponsored by St. Luke's Cataract & Laser Institute. Co-chairs were State Senators Jim Sebesta and Victor Crist. 12 Awards were presented.
Sept. 14-21, 2002 2nd Annual CareFest 2002, 8 local Mayors signed proclamations declaring it to be "A Week of Caring." Kicked off with a free Tampa Bay Lightning game honoring the Compassion Ministries. 100,000 Care Bags were distributed containing booklets indicating practical ways to help your neighbor. Each day of the week had a theme. Saturday, September 21st, hundreds of volunteers came together at Sulphur Springs Park, Tampa, and Lakeview Park, St. Petersburg, to participate in "Serve your Community Day." Projects completed included painting houses, building handicapped ramps, planting trees and flowers, clearing out weeds, moving rocks from the river, etc. It was concluded with a bar-b-que for the volunteers.
August 2002 Back to School Extravaganza was held in Hernando County. Over 1,000 backpacks filled with school supplies were distributed.
July 2002 Back to School Extravaganza was held in Dunedin. Approximately 1,000 backpacks with school supplies were distributed. The festival included games with prizes, haircuts, health screenings, moon-walk activities, live music. Followed by a free baseball game for all children chaperoned by parent/guardian.
July 2002 Back to School Program.
12,000 Backpacks filled with school supplies distributed.
May 25, 2002 4th Annual Raise the Roof event at the Ice Palace in Tampa. Featured groups were Superchic(k) and SonicFlood. Special Speaker was Melvin Adams, former Harlem Globetrotter. 1200 children sponsored
December 4, 2001 Area Wide Year End Celebration for Pastors, Youth & Business Leaders.
Held at the Ramada Inn in Tampa. Special Guest Speaker â€" Doug Stringer, President of Somebody Cares, America.
October 20, 2001 4th Annual Appreciation Banquet. Co-chairs were Dr. James and Mrs. Heather Gills and City Councilman Bob Buckhorn.
October 14-21, 2001 1st Annual CareFest 2001 "A Week of Caring"
Volunteers worked on 80+ projects
Youth groups distributed over 15,000 cold drinks to passing motorists and pedestrians
An additional food truck was brought to assist the ministries experiencing
a shortage of food due to our national crisis
August 2001 Back to School Extravaganza.
22 churches, organizations, businesses (comprised of black, white, and Hispanic members) came together in the Clearwater/Largo area for the first time to bless the underprivileged. 1,000 backpacks filled with school supplies were distributed.
Attendees also received free physicals, haircuts, and lunch.
August 2001 Back to School Program.
12,000 Backpacks filled with school supplies distributed.
July 21, 2001 3rd Annual Raise the Roof Concert event at the Ice Place with Tampa Bay Storm Coaches Tony Dungy and Clyde Christensen of Tampa Bay Bucs. 1200 children sponsored.
March 2001 Hunger Strike Force begins. We step out in faith to bring a truckload of 30,000 pounds of food in weekly. See Hunger Strike Force on home page for update.
January 20, 2001 Supper Bowl 2001
120,000 pounds of food distributed
3 truckloads of clothing
10,000-12,000 in attendance
3 sports clinics by professional players
1,210 people indicated a decision for Christ
November 4, 2000 3rd Annual Compassion Ministries Appreciation Banquet at Harborview Convention Center.
June 10, 2000 2nd Raise the Roof event at Tropicana Field.
January 28, 2000 Year of Good News Youth Rally.
Concert at Ice Palace distributing 1,000 Bibles with reading guides.
October 20, 1999 Day of Hope. We kicked off the National Book of Hope Campaign. 600,000 books of hope were distributed, reaching nearly every home in Greater Tampa Bay.
October 19, 1999 2nd Annual Compassion Ministries Appreciation Banquet.

January 2000            Year of Good News

Promotion of reading of New Testament by reading five minutes a day. 40,000 New Testaments distributed with reading guides.
August 21, 1999 Raise the Roof at Tropicana Field. Over 16,000 in attendance, 2,000
Underprivileged sponsored to evangelistic outreach with pro-athletes giving testimonies.
Over 500 respond to Gospel message.
May 1999 Became official Outreach Center of Operation Blessing International.
February 1999 Light the nation with Ed Silvoso, Lighthouses of Prayer Conference.
Youth 40-Day Revolution of Prayer, Blessing and Servant Evangelism 1,500 Lighthouses of Prayer established.
Monthly Lighthouse of Prayer broadcast on JOY FM.
January 1999 Year of Answered Prayer kickoff Pastors Retreat with Ted Haggard.
December 1998 Operation Blessing outreach with Tampa Bay Buccaneer Hardy Nickerson.
November 21, 1998 Business/Professionals Who Care sponsor 1st Annual Compassion Ministries Appreciation Banquet.
1st Compassion Ministries Resource Directory published
October 1998 Organized Crusade Visitation Day visiting 100,000 homes distributing Crusade literature.
3rd largest Billy Graham Crusade in North America. Somebody Cares leads intercessory prayer during Crusade.
June 1998 Billy Graham Crusade asks us to hold Pastors prayer meeting throughout Bay Area, 7 different prayer meetings established.
January 1998 Kickoff Year of Answered Prayer
Billboards, banners on churches, yard signs, prayer boxes in businesses, 250,000 door hangers and bumper stickers used as prayer tools.
Churches adopted squares, geographical areas called prayer squares.
Forty days of prayer and fasting begins the year. The end of the 40 days ended with a Unity Rally with Dr. Bill Bright as guest speaker.
September 1997 City-Wide Prayer Conference with Dr. Terry Teykl, Renewal Ministries
June 10, 1997 126 Pastors across Tampa Bay come together to sign Covenant of Unity.
Officially adopt name Somebody Cares Tampa Bay.
Join Houston and Doug Stringer to establish Somebody Cares America.
February 7, 1997 Calvary United Methodist Church, Largo, held 1st Pastors meeting.
December 1996 Bernards move back to Tampa Bay area after 18-year absence.
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