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Do you seek to give  to the Somebody Cares Tampa Bay Foundation (SCTBF) and to make an eternal difference with the resources God has entrusted to you?  Would you  like to lower your tax burden and eliminate the complexity that often comes with giving?

We can help.

SCTBF partners with  The National Christian Foundation.   Since 1982, this network has helped thousands of people give close to a billion dollars to the work of God's Kingdom.  Now, SCTBF and NCF are making it possible for you to give in ways you never imagined possible – with a much greater impact.

SCTBF can accept nearly any type of gift – not only cash and stocks, but also "complex" assets such as real estate and business interests.  CLF will manage and liquidate these complex assets for you (and even work with your professional advisor), and then send the net proceeds to SCTBF, to support our work.

Such gifts generally provide you with tax savings that bring tremendous benefits to you and to SCTBF.

Innovative ways to give

  • Real estate – land, houses or other properties
  • Restricted securities – publicly traded securities that may have sale restrictions
  • Business interests – ownership in closely-held businesses, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability companies or Sub-chapter S corporations
  • Loan notes – money owed to you through loan notes
  • Estate gifts – proceeds from wills, trusts or life insurance policies
  • Retirement plans – 401Ks, IRAs or pension plans
  • Life insurance – term, whole, universal or variable
  • Personal property – royalties, copyrights, patents or precious metals like gold
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