Be a Caretagious Company

What is a Caretagious Company?

A Caretagious Company helps with Care Projects

Somebody Cares Tampa Bay aims to develop a contagious culture of caring within companies and organizations. One way we do that is by coordinating a Care Project for your team through our CareFest program. Care Projects are homes of elderly, disabled, or struggling families that are in violation of city code or have a specific need for repair or refurbishment.

Care Projects can have a powerful impact on your company!

We put together a care plan for each company and organization. The company then is able to meet the needs of the homeowner through a one-day service event. When caring becomes contagious, the company is Caretagious!

Cost & Benefit

By coordinating an easy, enjoyable experience for your company and employees. We plan and equip your company with the tools necessary to bless a homeowner, promoting your company as a caring business. With only a $500 tax-deductible donation to Somebody Cares Tampa Bay (SCTB), your organization can adopt the project of your choice. Incidental items, such as tools for painting and minor repairs, can be supplied by SCTB. Some projects do require additional supplies to be donated by the adopting team, such as lumber for a carpentry project, but our team is also doing its best to procure donations-in-kind to meet those project needs.

How does SCTB support Caretagious Companies?

  • Identify and qualify the need.
  • Obtain the homeowners release form.
  • Evaluate the project determining number of volunteers, materials, and any special skill sets needed.
  • Provide liability release forms for all volunteers.
  • Purchase the materials at a discounted, non-taxable rate.
  • Supply water, drinks, snacks, and lunch by a local restaurant.
  • Post Signage on the property showing—CAUTION… CARING IN PROGRESS This Care project by (COMPANY NAME)
  • Provide ways to adopt and care for the homeowner/family, if desired

“For our company, it was a powerful bonding event. A diverse mix of folks from many levels of our company volunteered to work together with the common goal of helping needy people in our community. When management and people from all levels of the company worked side by side, hammering, digging, lifting, and mixing sweat for such a worthy cause, we felt a meaningful and rarely experienced way to connect. I would encourage CEOs to embrace this as an effective and non-threatening way to lift up compassion as an appreciated workplace value.”

Ron Altman (President Singleton Fisheries) 

A Caretagious Company Story:

In May 2015, Wells Fargo Advisors of Trinity adopted a home in New Port Richey. A team of 18 volunteers came together and painted the home of Sanford, a 77-year-old disabled veteran. The team purchased the materials to paint his patio and sidewalk and then added yard trim and rocks to beautify his flower beds and complete the makeover. Finally, they hung an American flag on the side of the house in honor of his service. Wells Fargo also presented Somebody Cares Tampa Bay with a check in an effort to continue helping other homeowners in need. Way to go, Wells Fargo Advisors of Trinity! Thank you for being a great example of a “Caretagious” Business.