Disaster Relief

Doing what we can to help those in need

At Somebody Cares Tampa Bay we emphasize the importance of a network of people willing to go above and beyond when needs arise. We work with several independent, community-based non-profit agencies in Tampa Bay and beyond. We partner with Somebody Cares International, Somebody Cares America, and other local ministries and churches to bring aid to those in need. As soon as a disaster is brought to our attention in Florida, we get busy networking with organizations and ministries in how to help immediately after the disaster hits. We appreciate all those who take the needs and financially provide.

Though we may be small in scale, when people know each other and disaster strikes, we are able to rally everyone together in order to meet the needs of those in areas hit with various devastating disasters. From hurricanes, to floods, to food insecurity and more, we are the boots on the ground to bring aid where it is needed most.

During hurricane Ian we sent several trucks over many months of aid to the Ft. Meyers area. During hurricane Idalia we sent 3 trucks to Perry, FL. Through a network of ministries that came together for disaster relief, we were able to bring generators, supplies, emergency resources – such as food, water, and other basic necessities. We have generators and other supplies stored in our warehouse so we can promptly address initial needs.