How they Helped:

donations to our food program

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Uncle Johns Pride

Who is Uncle John?  You might buy their meat in the store.  Well, Uncle John, once Crofton and Sons, is in our own backyard in Tampa.  Uncle John is dedicated to craftsmanship and attention to detail.  They make their sausages with high-quality and real ingredients.

To answer the question everyone asks, there is an Uncle John.  In fact, he was the first smoke master when the company got started more than 50 years ago.  You know how sometimes the secret ingredient in something special is “love”?  Uncle John’s passion and craftsmanship—his pride—is our secret ingredient.  Thus, the name, Uncle John’s Pride

Uncle John has partnered with Somebody Cares Tampa Bay for many years, often providing donated meat to our food program.  We are always happy when they call with a donation to help our partners as they feed the hungry in Tampa Bay.  Thank you for your dedication and service to Tampa Bay and Somebody Cares.