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Our mission is "Unifying and Empowering God's people as a (caring) "Caretagious" community to transform Tampa Bay and beyond."


Our Vision is to see every resident of Tampa Bay receive a visible, physical demonstration and an audible or written presentation of the Gospel.



What is CareFest?



Carefest is a year round program that, with the help of nearly five thousand volunteers, four hundred projects throughout Tampa Bay were completed and over two million dollar's worth of goods and services were provided last year. Through these acts of kindness (i.e. painting, beautification, renovations, etc.) we express unconditional love to those in need.



Food Truck



SCTB Food Program brings food into the Tampa Bay region and is distributed to organizations that feed thirty-five thousand people monthly. (Over one million pounds distributed annually). If you are interested in using some of the resources we offer. Please see me after the meeting and visit our table.



"Hassle Free" Backpacks



Back to School "Hassle Free Program" provides ministries and organizations that help needy families begin school, with over thirteen thousand quality backpacks filled with school supplies. The bags are also used for mission trips, homeless programs and weekend feeds for children.




Somebody Cares Tampa Bay is partnering with The Favorite Movie to bring hope! Inspired by the miraculous recovery from a near fatal car accident of Luke Bernard, the son of Daniel Bernard, Minister and President of Somebody Cares Tampa Bay. View the video to learn more about his powerful testimony and how it became a film.












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